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Poll NameFirst Vote DateLast Vote DateTotal Responses
What fast-food restaurant do you like best?June 29, 2011July 11, 20112038
How often do you use the myUNB portal?June 21, 2011June 29, 20111183
What upcoming summer blockbuster movie are you
most excited to see?
June 13, 2011June 21, 20111299
What non-UNB email service do you use?June 06, 2011June 13, 20111246
How are you taking part in Congress 2011 at UNB
May 27, 2011June 03, 20111004
Which is your favourite Pirates of the Caribbean
May 24, 2011May 27, 2011613
What social network do you use the most?May 12, 2011May 24, 20111798
Do you own a tablet computer (like an iPad)?May 03, 2011May 12, 20111791
Will you be voting in the federal election on May
April 28, 2011May 02, 20111356
Should students be allowed to text, tweet, or surf
while in class?
April 20, 2011April 28, 20112408