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UNB Course Timetables

Please Note: Course offerings may not be finalized until the term start date.
Fall Term September to December
Winter Term January to April Registration now open until January 12 2018
Summer Term May to August

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"Full Year" or two term courses require registration in both sections (ie. Fall and Winter).
These are only listed on the timetable in the Fall term. The Winter term building and room will be listed if different from Fall term.
Enrollment figures are as of 10:00AM, November 18, 2017. If required, current enrollment numbers are also available.

Timetable and Building Codes

ID Course Section Title Instructor Days Times Room Capacity / Enrollment
301715 POLS*1303 FR01A Pivotal Political Events Workman,W. T. MWF 12:30PM-01:20PM T205
80 / 68
301716 POLS*1403 FR01A Contemp.Polit.Ideas & Ideolog. McCormack,G. R. MWF 08:30AM-09:20AM T205
80 / 23
303701 POLS*1703 FR01A Issues in World Politics Hayes,F. R. TTh 08:30AM-09:50AM T205
80 / 35
301717 POLS*1803 FR01A Politics of Climate Change Wright,D. TTh 10:00AM-11:20AM B146
60 / 34
301718 POLS*2013 FR01A Intro Political Economy Workman,W. T. MWF 01:30PM-02:20PM T124
30 / 29
303702 POLS*2703 FR01A Intro.To Intern'l.Relations Hayes,F. R. MWF 09:30AM-10:20AM T239
20 / 15
303707 POLS*3257 FR01A Law and Politics in Canada Hayes,F. R. MWF 11:30AM-12:20PM SH161
40 / 33
303709 POLS*3292 FR01A Self-Gov't.& Aboriginal Comm. Bedford,D. W. TTh 11:30AM-12:50PM T224
35 / 29
301726 POLS*3410 FR01X/Y Sur'y of Political Tho't Bedford,D. W.
McCormack,G. R.
TTh 10:00AM-11:20AM C140
25 / 11

* - Winter term location
303726 POLS*3443 FR01A Feminist Issues in Pol.Thought Wright,J. H. M 01:30PM-04:20PM T5
40 / 9
303710 POLS*3475 FR01A The Political Left Workman,W. T. MWF 03:30PM-04:20PM C140
40 / 14
301727 POLS*3533 FR01A Res Meth in Pols Howe,P. TTh 02:30PM-03:50PM T404
20 / 8
300314 POLS*3614 FRL Ethics & International Politic Rahmanian,A. Open Access Learning

Online course open to registration outside of
regular term dates.
Section FRL courses must register at
306529 POLS*3903 FR01A Pol Critique in Lit. Workman,W. T. 1 / 1
301736 POLS*4000 FR01X/Y Dir Read'g & Resch Pols Workman,W. T. 5 / 4

By appointment with Department
303524 POLS*4723 FR01A The Rise of the Far Right Howe,P. W 09:30AM-12:20PM T207
18 / 5