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UNB Course Timetables

Please Note: Course offerings may not be finalized until the term start date.
Fall Term September to December
Winter Term January to April Registration now open until January 12 2018
Summer Term May to August

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"Full Year" or two term courses require registration in both sections (ie. Fall and Winter).
These are only listed on the timetable in the Fall term. The Winter term building and room will be listed if different from Fall term.
Enrollment figures are as of 10:00AM, November 22, 2017. If required, current enrollment numbers are also available.

Timetable and Building Codes

ID Course Section Title Instructor Days Times Room Capacity / Enrollment
301822 RCLP*1010 FR01X/Y Formative Lrng.Portfolio I Stacey,C. L. F 02:30PM-05:20PM MJC114
33 / 33

Restricted to BPhil students
301823 RCLP*1011 FR01A Worldviews, Cultures & Relgn. Valk,J. W 02:30PM-05:20PM MJC114
36 / 36 Course is waitlisted
Priority given to BPhil students.
301824 RCLP*1021 FR01A Con Enhanc Personal Wellbeing Haley,A. J. M 02:30PM-05:20PM MJC114
33 / 24
Priority given to BPhil students.
305384 RCLP*1021 FR02A Con Enhanc Personal Wellbeing Thomson,L. J. M 02:30PM-05:20PM MJC102
30 / 30
Priority will be given to RC students
301825 RCLP*1111 FR01A Integrative Forum I Thompson,N. J.
King,S. L.
TTh 02:30PM-05:20PM MJC114
33 / 33
Restricted to BPhil students.
303515 RCLP*2001 FR01A Pract'g.Leadrshp.In Comm.Proj. Decker,D. O. Th 02:30PM-05:20PM MJC102
30 / 28
Priority given to BPhil students.
301826 RCLP*2014 FR01A Democracy & Public Policy Can. Bachvarova,M. W 02:30PM-05:20PM MJC204
30 / 24
Restricted to BPhil students.
301827 RCLP*2020 FR01A Formative Lrng.Portfolio II Stacey,C. L. F 02:30PM-05:20PM 1 / 1
301828 RCLP*2020 FR01X/Y Formative Lrng.Portfolio II Bachvarova,M. F 02:30PM-05:20PM MJC204
30 / 24

Restricted to BPhil students.
305961 RCLP*2020 FR02A Formative Lrng.Portfolio II Mengel,T. 0 / 1
301831 RCLP*3002 FR01A Leadership Cross-Cult Contexts Kulasegaram,G. G. M 02:30PM-05:20PM MJC204
30 / 24
Priority given to BPhil students.
306080 RCLP*3701 FR01A Personal Well-Being Thomson,L. J. 0 / 1
301834 RCLP*4028 FR01X/Y Comm.Prob.-Solv.& Rsch.Proj. Reeves,R. B.
Hutchins,R. M.
T 02:30PM-05:20PM MJC102
31 / 31

* - Winter term location
301835 RCLP*4031 FR01A Images and Insights Gross,P. A. Th 02:30PM-05:20PM MJC204
31 / 31
301836 RCLP*4040 FR01X/Y Summative Lrng Portfolio III Mengel,T.
F 02:30PM-05:20PM MJC301
30 / 31

Restricted to BPhil students.