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UNB Course Timetables

Please Note: Course offerings may not be finalized until the term start date.
Fall Term September to December
Winter Term January to April Registration now open until January 12 2018
Summer Term May to August

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"Full Year" or two term courses require registration in both sections (ie. Fall and Winter).
These are only listed on the timetable in the Fall term. The Winter term building and room will be listed if different from Fall term.
Enrollment figures are as of 6:00PM, November 17, 2017. If required, current enrollment numbers are also available.

Timetable and Building Codes

ID Course Section Title Instructor Days Times Room Capacity / Enrollment
304234 ENGL*6123 FR01B Creative Writing-Poetry Sinclair,S. E. T 06:00PM-08:50PM MC1
10 / 4
303918 ENGL*6125 FR01B Creative Writing-Poetry (Adv) Sinclair,S. E. T 06:00PM-08:50PM MC1
10 / 1
MA/PHD students must have permisson of Director of Graduate
305297 ENGL*6443 FR01B Romanticism and the Gothic Effinger,E. W 02:00PM-04:50PM C304
10 / 4
=MA/PhD Students
Must have permission of DOGS
303924 ENGL*6694 FR01B Politics of Native N Amer Lit Andrews,J. M 02:00PM-04:50PM C304
10 / 7
MA/PHD students must have permission of Director of Graduate
303925 ENGL*6847 FR01B Fict'n of Indian Diaspor Ball,J. C. Th 09:00AM-11:50AM C315
10 / 3
MA/PHD students must have the permisson of the Director of
Graduate Studies
302697 ENGL*6997 FR01B Masters Thesis Schryer,S. 50 / 3
302698 ENGL*6998 FR01B Ph D Dissertation Schryer,S. 50 / 5