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Timetable and Building Codes

Note on Terms

The term in which a course is offered is shown as follows:

Term Code Term Name Term Start and End
FA Fall September to December
WI Winter January to April
SM Summer May to August

Note on Instructor

The notation "TBA" in the place of an instructor's name means "To Be Announced"

Note on Times

Days are designated as follows:

Day Code Day Name
M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
Th Thursday
F Friday
S Saturday

UNB Fredericton Buildings and Rooms

Building Code Building Name
AC Aitken Centre
B Loring Bailey Hall
C Carleton Hall
DG d'Avray Hall (South) Gym
DH Marshall d'Avray Hall
EMC Eaton Multimedia Centre
F Forestry
FG Forestry/Geology
GW Gillin Wing (Hall)
H Head Hall
HIL Harriet Irving Library
IT Information Technology Centre
K Keirstead Hall
L Ludlow Hall
LBG Lady Beaverbrook Gym
M Memorial Hall
MC McCord Hall
MG Main Gym (Lady Beaverbrook Gym)
MJC Maggie Jean Chestnut
ML MacLaggan Hall
P Physics Building
RNS R.N. Scott Hall (Biomedical Engineering)
SH Singer Hall
SL Science Library
TO F.J. Toole Hall
T Tilley Hall
WG West Gym (Lady Beaverbrook Gym)
WU Wu Conference Centre
XC Annex C

UNB Saint John Buildings and Rooms

Building Code Building Name
A G. Forbes Elliot Athletics Centre
GH William F. Ganong Hall
HH Sir Douglas Hazen Hall
IH K.C. Irving Hall
OH Philip W. Oland Hall
SJRH Saint John Regional Hospital
WC Ward Chipman Library