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To find your computer name, click Windows logo key + x > Choose System > About. The computer name will be listed under Device specifications > Device name.
To find your computer name go to Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Sharing. Your computer's local hostname is displayed beneath the computer's name at the top of Sharing preferences.
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Alumni no longer have access to unofficial transcripts once your UNB student account is closed (12 months after your last grade was submitted). To order an official transcript, please visit:
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UNB ITS operates a separate network for servers located within departments on the Fredericton campus. This network offers security features to protect these servers from malicious activity, and to mitigate the impact of compromised devices on the network. Devices on the server network are managed by the users and not ITS. The devices are physically located in the various campus buildings, and are not housed in the ITS data centre. The owner of the server is required to follow server administration best practises, including automatic patching, antivirus software, and disabling all unused service ports.

A server is defined as anything that offers content to devices which are not part of UNB's network. This could include such things as a webserver, ftp, ssh, scp and other services.
NOTE: Remote Desktop applications will work on the standard building networks, so machines needing this one service need not be placed on the Server network. This includes applications: Windows Remote Desktop, VNC and Screen Sharing for Mac.

To have a machine placed on the server network, it must already be registered on the UNBF campus data network. If the machine is not yet registered, please do so at

Please fill out the form below to request access to the server network. The request will be processed by ITS and you will be contacted to coordinate the change.

NOTE: if other ports are required, please select 'other, and fill in the port(s) and application(s) in the textbox provided.

Phone / Teams Calling / Fax
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NOTE: If you are using a Research GL Account, additional approval may be required from the Office of Research Services and/or Financial Services
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VoIP Service Inquiry
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Centrex Service Inquiry
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Blackberry Plans Only

All other Smart Phones (Including iPhones)

NOTE: UNB's hardware pricing may be cheaper than the listing price on the website
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