Diploma in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship Course Planner


The Diploma in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship (DTME) requires a minimum grade of C in five courses; a minimum of three core TME courses and two TME-approved elective courses.

Core TME courses have prerequisites of a minimum of 80 credit hours of any post-secondary education.

Students who are enrolled in an undergraduate degree program and who are interested in completing the DTME concurrently are encouraged to apply to the diploma program early, in their 1st and 2nd years, during which time DTME electives may be taken.

A maximum of 12 credit hours of courses may be shared between the DTME and a degree program. Students are responsible for consulting the UNB Undergraduate Calendar, or consulting with their academic advisor, to determine the maximum concurrent credit hours for their degree program.

Course selections here are for planning purposes and may be changed later. However, you are responsible for ensuring your course selections meet the requirements. See your TME and/or department/faculty academic advisor to be sure.

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Personal Information
Course Selections
Core TME Course Selections (Choose a Minimum of 3) Expected Term of Completion Shared Course
TME 3013: Entrepreneurial Finance
TME 3113: Business Planning and Strategy in an Entrepreneurial Environment
TME 3213: Quality Management
TME 3313: Managing Engineering and IT Projects
TME 3413: Technological Creativity and Innovation
TME 3423: Technological Risk and Opportunity
TME Electives Expected Term of Completion Shared Course
TME 1001: Introduction to Technology Management & Enterpreneurship
TME 2001: Creativity, Innovation and Value Creation
TME 3346: Marketing of Technology Goods and Services
TME 3386: Special Topics in TME
TME 3396: Special Topics in TME
TME 3913: Experiential Learning in TME
TME 4025: Product Design and Development

Pre-Approved Non-TME Electives:

Pre-approved non-TME electives are listed here

Check the availability of each course through the UNB Calendar, or with the faculty offering the course.
Follow this link to access the UNB Calendar

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You can only share up to 4 courses with your degree. You must take at least 1 course that only counts toward your DTME. If you are not taking a concurrent degree, do not select any under "shared courses"
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Cannot be Used With TME 3313